Water Testing Lab Pennsylvania

There is nothing more important than safe water. Whether you’re looking to test public drinking water to analyze wastewater reservoirs, the right water testing lab in Pennsylvania will provide exhaustive results based on defensible data. By staying accountable and informed, meeting compliance standards and protecting the environment are achievable goals. For that, you’ll need Suburban Testing Labs.

Water Testing Lab PennsylvaniaSuburban Testing Labs has been active in the environmental water testing field for 55+ years. Though we started out as a regional water testing company, we’ve since grown to one of the largest family-owned, independent, single-site environmental testing laboratories in North America. With a driving focus on high quality services and reliable deliverables, we offer services for all types of large-scale industries, arranging from government agencies to engineering firms.

Our Water Analysis Services

With a state-of-the-art EPA-approved facility engineered to provide exemplary results, assisting you with completing projects, key initiatives, or meet compliance can only be derived from dependable data, analysis, and reporting. When your labs are insufficient for the scale of research needed, Suburban Testing Labs has the resources needed to secure the fundamentally necessary information required for optimal results.

To ensure we’re able to ensure delivery, our laboratory is suited for analyzing potable, non-potable, and solid/chemical materials.

Drinking Water Analysis

The human body can survive on food for 40 days. Without water, you only have three. Our company started with drinking water testing, one of the most valuable resources the environment has to offer. We provide extensive reporting capabilities, compliance tracking, customizable data deliverables, and analysis labs for clients with insufficient testing resources. As one of our core services, ensuring your water is safe is a top priority.

Groundwater Analysis

Groundwater is any water beneath the soil, contained in soil formation and rock surfaces. Our analysis can help determine the state of the groundwater in an area, providing insight into negative environmental effects, supporting program initiatives, and informing key decision-making processes. Providing reputable data for spray fields, landfills, contaminated sites, investigations, and other monitoring programs.

Public Pool Analysis

As has been known for a long time, public pools are breeding grounds for contaminants, such as bacteria. An extensive analysis into your public pool properties will reveal the presence of coliform bacteria, pH levels, and amount of chlorine and bromine in the water. Public health and safety, especially for summer, is pivotal for swimming pool integrity.

Wastewater Analysis

Meeting regulations to preserve the environment, as well as the health of nearby civilization and local flora and fauna, catering fast and effective wastewater analysis services if a frontline deterrent of improper water disposal. Whatever your needs and requirements, fulfilling them to the letter according to National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) requirements ensures that all wastewater management and treatment is processed accordingly and safely.

Suburban Testing Labs is proud to be among the top 50 labs in the country, as well as ranking as the 6th largest single-site laboratory. Providing your company with responsive, reliable data that minimizes risk of inaccurate information, costly expenditures due to miscommunication, and optimized services for sampling, testing, analysis, and remediation.

With the help of one of the most effective water testing labs in Pennsylvania, every project is certain to be a success when you work with Suburban Testing Labs. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.