Standard Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise stated in a formal contract, services provided by Suburban Testing Laboratories, Inc. (STL) are expressly limited to the terms and conditions stated herein.


Reports are provided only to the Client or those designated by the Client unless otherwise required by law. Client agrees not to use report or data in any manner that may harm the reputation or business of STL. Client may not publish the name of STL without written approval.

Acceptance of Samples

If STL determines that the sample will not yield valid data for any reason (including but not limited to sample preservation, improper sample containers, or samples that require modification of our normal procedures) samples will not be accepted and we will notify Client of such determination. If modification of our procedures is possible, fees for the modification will be determined. If Client agrees to the fees verbally or in writing the samples will be accepted and processed for the agreed upon fees.

Delivery of Samples

Client is responsible for samples until they are received by STL personnel. STL is not responsible for samples that are rejected because of holding time or improper preservation or storage before samples are received by STL personnel. If a sample pick up at client location is scheduled, and STL field technician arrives but no samples are available or access cannot be granted for any reason, STL reserves the right to charge for the pick-up cost.


All contracts are subject to review and must be signed by corporate officer.

Payment Terms

All services must be prepaid unless credit is established, then paid within agreed upon terms.  Past Due accounts will be charged 1.5% per month of the unpaid balance. Client agrees to reimburse STL for the costs of collection of past due debts including but not limited to collection and legal fees. Client may not defer billing to a third party. Paperwork submitted with samples is assumed to describe the testing desired, any changes must be made in writing. If analysis is started before the request for changes is made Client must pay for testing that was already completed. STL will not be responsible for holding times or deadlines that are missed because of changes or delays in payment.  Payments are accepted by check, ACH or credit card.  Credit card payments incur a 3% fee if payment is made after the date of the invoice.  Returned checks are charged $25 fee

Standard Services

Analyses within stated turnaround times (calculated in business days, excluding weekends and holidays) unless requested and approved by STL.  Rush analysis, weekend and holiday service is available but may incur additional costs. It is Client’s responsibility to inquire of such charges prior to submission of samples for analysis.

Standard Sample pickup, collection and delivery must be scheduled prior to 12:00PM on the business day before the service and must be scheduled on business days (Excluding weekends and holidays) between 7AM and 2PM.  Field services outside these times are available but may incur additional costs.

Hazardous Wastes

Client must notify STL of any materials suspected of being hazardous and provide the appropriate documentation and packaging of such samples. STL reserves the right to refuse samples that may cause a hazard to which STL is not equipped to handle, and will return samples to the Client.  It is the responsibility of Client to label and meet all regulations on samples that are hazardous. Hazardous samples may be returned to client or Fees may be applied to have hazardous material properly and safely disposed of by a third party.

Quality Assurance

STL agrees to follow their Quality Assurance Manual and Method SOPs unless specified in writing. It is up to Client to determine if these procedures meet their needs prior to placing order.


Client agrees to assume all costs associated with official requests for documents or testimony. STL and Client waive the right to a trial by jury.


Client understands and agrees to limit the liability of STL to the cost of services provided or the damages incurred, whichever is less. Client agrees to indemnify STL for gross negligence or misconduct on the part of Client or its agents unless such gross negligence is a result of negligent or willful omissions on the part of STL.


STL warrants the accuracy of the results of samples as submitted, no other warranty or liability for the use of the result is expressed or implied.


Standard electronic reporting (Level 1 report and one EDD included in STLs EDD Library) and invoicing is included in the analysis price.  Paper copies of reports, Data Packages, custom EDDs, custom invoices and custom reporting options are available, however, additional charges may apply. Reports will be kept for 3 years unless otherwise required by law or specified in writing.

Rush Analysis

Rush Turnaround Times (TAT) are available upon request and must be approved by an STL team member prior to sample submission. Our rush commitments include the relay of results online, in a PDF report, and/or a simple excel table. Custom EDD’s would follow within 3 business days of release of results.

STL is not liable for extensions of TATs as a result of highly-contaminated samples. Turnaround times may be extended as a result of improper sampling, preservation, sample matrix, wide ranges of analyte concentration or other issues outside of STLs control.

Sample Containers

STL will provide containers upon request but reserves the right to charge a fee.

Retention of Samples

Unless otherwise specified water samples are stored for a minimum of 14 days after completion of the work order.  Empty containers and samples that are analyzed for microbiology are disposed of immediately. STL may have the capacity to store samples for longer periods of time for further or additional analysis, if requested prior to sample disposal. Additional fees may be applied.

Cancellation Policy

All orders cancelled within 24 hours of a scheduled pickup may be subject to a cancellation fee. If sample(s) are processed for analysis before cancellation has been requested, cost of prep completed and/or full analysis cost will be charged.