PA Water Supplier PFAS Testing

Pennsylvania Water Suppliers are facing rapidly emerging PFAS regulations from USEPA and PADEP. At Suburban Testing Labs, we are committed to helping you stay informed and providing you with comprehensive testing options to ensure compliance with these regulations.

We are ready to support your upcoming PFAS requirements.  We are one of the only privately-owned, independent, single-site laboratories in Pennsylvania Accredited to perform this analysis.  The best part?  You won’t need to ship to an out-of-state facility.  All of your samples are analyzed right here at our headquarters in Reading, PA – no shipping samples to a far-away location. You can have peace of mind knowing your samples will be handled locally by trusted professionals.

PADEP Testing Requirements

Starting January 2024

  • All Community, Non-Transient/Noncommunity, and Water Systems must test for PFOA and PFOS quarterly at each entry point.
    • PWSs serving more than 350 persons begin initial quarterly monitoring on January 1, 2024.
    • PWSs serving 350 or fewer persons begin initial quarterly monitoring on January 1, 2025.
  • New Maximum Contaminant Level of 14 ppt for PFOA, and 18 ppt for PFOS.
  • MRL of 5 ppt for both compounds, if results are less than 5 for both, the system may be eligible
    for reduced monitoring.

PFAS Regulations can be complicated, and we’ve worked to help you sort through it all.

How do the new USEPA Proposed Regulations affect your PA-required monitoring?  How does it all align with UCMR5 required testing?  What are the sampling requirements?

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Learn More – USEPA Proposed MCL

Proposed, No Start Date

For Community and Non-transient Noncommunity Water Systems.

  • The Proposed EPA MCL does not require water systems to take any actions at this time. Water systems may choose to perform monitoring for this proposed MCL along with sampling for the PADEP MCL and include all 6 EPA proposed regulated compounds and report to an RL of <1ppt. However,  this would require analysis via method EPA 533 instead of 537.1. It’s crucial to know in advance.
  • We can achieve an MRL of 1/3rd EPA MCLs/Hazard Index, which meets the requirements to determine reduced monitoring eligibility.  Therefore, this data MAY allow water systems to use the data gathered from the PA initial monitoring to comply with the EPA MCL once it is finalized and avoid the need to perform initial monitoring a second time.

Your system may be required to perform USEPA UCMR5 sample collection and analysis.  Suburban Testing Labs can be your resource for all of your PADEP and USEPA testing needs.

Why Choose Suburban Testing Labs?

Choosing the right partner for your PFAS testing needs is critical. Suburban Testing Labs is ready to support you.

Expertise – Our team of experienced scientists and analysts are well-versed in PFAS testing methods and regulations, ensuring accurate results and compliance.

Local – Have confidence in knowing your samples are analyzed in your backyard.  No hassles of shipping samples to a far-away location.

State-of-the-Art Facility – Our brand-new laboratory is equipped with state-of-the-art industry-leading technology to deliver precise and accurate PFAS testing results.

Timely Reporting – Quick turnaround times for reporting results, helping you meet your regulatory deadlines with ease.

Commitment to Quality – Our commitment to quality and accuracy sets us apart as a trusted partner for PFAS testing.

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