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***Sample Documentation – Learn the essentials of sample documentation when collecting your samples.  Including tips and tricks to ensure your samples are processed quickly and accurately.

Flush to Finish – watch this informative video to understand the basics of how a wastewater treatment plant functions.

Fats, Oils, and Grease – learn how these contaminants create problems for our wastewater treatment plants.

EPA’s Industrial Pretreatment Program – find links to important regulatory information on EPA’s website that provides guidance to labs, POTW’s and industries.

ICP vs ICP-MS Analysis – Learn the difference between ICP-MS and ICP-OES technology for analyzing metals with this helpful video from Suburban Academy.

RTCR in Under 5 Minutes – Learn what you need to know as a public water supplier about the Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) in under 5 minutes.

Sampling Distribution Sites – Total Coliform Bacteria and e.Coli Sampling Best Practices from RCAP.

PADEP TNC Sample Siting Plan Creation The Revised Total Coliform Rule (RTCR) requires all public water systems to complete a sample siting plan by April 1, 2016. This web tutorial explains each part of the sample siting plan template for a transient noncommunity water system. An example business is used to demonstrate proper completion of the form.

Chain of Custody Form Good data quality starts with sample collection. And all elements of sample collection are recorded on the Chain of Custody Form. In this edition of our online video tutorial series, we will discuss some of the important elements of a Chain of custody Form.

TerraCore Kit Soil SamplingLearn the proper technique for collecting a soil sample with a TerraCore sampling kit.

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Online Report Access Tutorials

ProjectsPart 1 – Learn how you can view your orders in progress, analysis status, results, and even create EDD’s by exporting your data.

Methodologyhow to search and find sampling, QC Limit, reporting limit and method detection limit information for our analysis and analytes.

ProjectsPart II – learn how to access your reports, including results, EDD’s and Data Packages.