Data Quality

Accurate, defensible, trustworthy data starts here.

An environmental testing laboratory you can rely on.

At Suburban Testing Labs, our entire team has a personal commitment to defensible data. Our quality team has instituted a rigorous process for thorough data review at multiple levels of the laboratory to ensure you can count on your results, and we’ve increased the staff on our quality team five times over its size over the past few years. We have three levels of data review providing important double checks to ensure accuracy. In addition, your project manager reviews your final report to ensure you get what you need. Most importantly, our leadership culture constantly and consistently reinforces the importance of defensible accurate data.

It’s all in pursuit to be… More than just Lab Testing.

Data Review

We have multiple layers of data review to ensure compliance with quality control requirements. Your data is not only reviewed in detail by the chemist or microbiologist performing the analysis, but then must endure a second layer of approval and pass a rigorous data validation process by one of our Quality Specialists. Finally, all client result reports go through an additional review step with your Project Manager. We know this takes time, but we know our data is used to make important environmental decisions and that our clients trust the data will be correct the first time.

Data Inquiries

Have a question about a result? Your project manager initiates a data inquiry process that leaves no stone unturned. Then, we communicate back to clients quickly with a willingness to discuss your questions and the analysis in detail. Ensuring you understand and feel confident in your results, is priority number one.


We are accredited in accordance with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) which is based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. This requires us to pass strict regulatory audits and pass routine proficiency testing in all matrices to ensure our analysis is up to the highest level of quality standards.

We hold accreditation for drinking water, non-potable water, and solid and chemical materials in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Maryland, and solid and chemical materials in Florida. If you have a project that necessitates accreditation in a state outside of our current accreditation footprint, we work with many partner labs that also send us work. We are happy to send your samples through us, and you may even be able to take advantage of our volume discounts as a result. Suburban Testing Labs can be your one-stop-shop.

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