Testing & Analysis for Public Pools

Public Swimming Pool Testing & MonitoringPublic swimming pools are required to test for bacteria and we offer comprehensive solutions for your testing needs.  We can provide certified analysis for coliform bacteria, pH and chlorine/bromine as you need.  We can also schedule automatic sample collection, send a second copy of results to you and your regulatory agency, and will provide you with telephone consultation to help you troubleshoot water related problems.  Whether you are a summer-time only pool, or open year-round, we can help!

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What to do if you have a coliform bacteria failure:

Coliform bacteria are a naturally occurring group of bacteria that indicate the potential presence of other harmful bacteria; even the best maintained pool might have a coliform failure from time to time.

The most common problem with coliform bacteria is insufficient disinfectant.  The minimum required limit is 0.4mg/L, however the National Spa and Pool Institute recommends a disinfectant residual of 2-4mg/L for normal usage and 3-5mg/L for periods of heavy usage.  When using chlorine or bromine as a disinfectant it is important to verify that you are measuring FREE chlorine or bromine not total or combined chlorine or bromine.

The next most common problem is contact time and pH.  Chlorine may require 20 minutes of contact time to completely kill coliform bacteria.  Chlorine also becomes less effective as pH increases.

It may be advisable to take an additional “Check” sample for coliform bacteria to verify that the contamination is gone.  In any case, working with the regulatory agency is the best solution.