Soil Testing Lab New Jersey

Not every company will have the convenience of having their samples transported to a high-end facility for extensive testing. Sometimes all you need is something done out in the field, performed on the spot to provide your environmental consultants with the data-driven reports needed to meet regulatory compliance. That means working with a soil testing lab in New Jersey that not only possesses the portable tech needed for in-depth analysis, but offers superior customer service from frontline environmental professionals who provide impactful results with courtesy.

Soil Testing Lab New JerseyIt starts with a company that’s been dedicated to providing unbeatable service for decades. Suburban Testing Labs prioritizes protecting the environment through reliable data backed by a company with credibility and authority in environmental testing. We accomplish this through two venues: accreditation and core values. As one of the top 50 largest environmental testing labs in America, we’re nationally recognized and accredited by both the NELAP and NELAC, allowing us to have coverage in three different states.

Our accreditations are a testament to the quality of our facilities and workforce, but our core values guide our services. Fundamentally, our company is driven to create a better world, something we do by protecting the environment through the best possible drinking water, soil, solids, and chemical materials analysis available. We set high standards for ourselves, and we strive to surpass them every day in ways that matter.

Our Field Services

Not every project wants or needs to have their samples tested at a full-service environmental testing facility. Depending on the constraints or requirements of the project, on-location testing is the feasible and convenient option. That way you are able to get your results on-hand without having to worry about transportation or lengthy testing periods.

Suburban Testing Labs is well equipped to meet you halfway. Even if you don’t need sample transport, we possess the equipment, training, and capability to provide high-quality analysis where your project needs it. Through our field sciences services, our teams will go on location to collect samples and provide critical insights into soil composition, contaminants, and overall quality.

We take every step necessary to ensure that the data gathered from our on-site analysis helps you meet regulatory compliance. We abide by strict standards, performing extensive reviews and cross-checking to validate report contents with our leadership, Quality Assurance teams, and your Project Manager. Routing our data through as many channels as possible develops assurance in the reliability of our data and redundancy for ensuring nothing was overlooked.

Innovation in Technology

Suburban Testing Labs employs cutting edge equipment, both in our state-of-the-art environmental testing lab and for our field sciences teams, to acquire the most data possible from each analysis with accuracy and reliability. This includes high-quality probes with optical readers, multiparameter meters, Bluetooth connected devices, and more.

However, we are always looking to expand our capabilities and build on top of the resources we have. We’ve created a company culture that thrives on growth, including implementing new technologies that may benefit our testing capabilities. We are always searching for means to improve our services, promoting a company-wide dedication to performing better with each day.

There are no soil testing labs in New Jersey other than Suburban Testing Labs with the same drive to provide unparalleled services. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.