Landfill Testing New Jersey

Ensuring you have access to the most accurate, comprehensible, relevant, and defensible data regarding landfill testing in New Jersey is vital for maintaining regulatory compliance and preservation of the environment. Without a concept of what hazardous materials are present in your landfill’s groundwater tables, proceeding with effective treatment and preventative measures is inefficient, ineffective, and costly. Working with a highly accredited environmental testing laboratory asserts a greater level of control over the sanitation and treatment of your landfill’s local water sources.

Landfill Testing New JerseyWorking with Suburban Testing Labs means you have access to the resources of one of the nation’s largest environmental testing labs. Our NELAP- and NELAC-accredited labs boast state-of-the-art technologies and tools, operated by nearly 100 highly qualified and skilled environmental analysts in the industry. We’re capable of rendering accurate reports for a variety of services, including:

  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Ground Water Analysis
  • Landfill Testing
  • Public Swimming Pools and Bathing Beaches
  • Site Remediation Testing
  • Waste Disposal Testing
  • Wastewater Analysis
  • Underground Storage Tank Analysis

Providing landfills with defensible data on a fast turnaround basis is a fundamental benchmark for our company’s capabilities and reputation.

Reliable Sample Collection

Most landfills have monitoring wells surrounding their property that delve into their groundwater tables. These wells provide easy access for sample collection, which in turn will provide landfills with knowledge regarding exact metrics of any given hazardous material present in the groundwater. Our duty is to provide a highly detailed report regarding specific contaminants that have polluted the groundwater table due to waste materials imported to the landfill.

While these monitoring wells accelerate the sample collection process, ensuring that all samples are handled with care, responsibility, and according to EPA standards is still a valid concern. Suburban Testing Labs knows how important the integrity of every landfill sample is for providing defensible, high-value data. That’s why we ensure our field scientists are provided with cutting edge deployment technology, portable composite samplers, and organized sampling technology.

Our Site Map record-keeping technology helps ensure we choose the correct sampling locations. Our field services teams make the trip to your remote location, gain an understanding of its layout through pictures, maps, and special instructions, and select which monitoring wells will be ideal for sample collection. We prioritize effective communication, helping you cut costs by avoiding resampling due to lack of communication and poor project oversight.

Fast, Accurate Reporting

We know you can’t afford to wait on your results, and you don’t want to rush production either. Suburban Testing Labs, supported by automated instrumentation and a highly specialized computer system, allow our environmental analysts to perform fast, accurate tests that contain a comprehensive data set of relevant information for your report. We deliver defensible data quickly without sacrificing quality or reliability.

Suburban Testing Labs assigns a dedicated project manager to correspond with our clients, helping them arrange preferred report and invoice delivery. We take stock of your company’s needs and goals and ensure you’re provided with access to your reports via multiple channels, including live updates via our Online Report System and automated email delivery.

Since our founding in 1963, Suburban Testing Labs has been dedicated to a single pursuit: providing high quality, defensible data to protect public health and preserving the environment. Reliable landfill testing in New Jersey is vital for that goal. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.