Landfill Testing Labs Near Me

Landfills won’t always have the resources, technologies, tools, or expertise required to effectively measure and maintain their properties. The amount of waste being sourced on a daily basis from multiple locations, both domestic and industrial, makes it very possible for groundwater tables to become polluted with contaminants. The first step in preventing the spreading of polluted water to nearby vulnerable areas begins with answering a simple question: “What is the best landfill testing lab near me?”

Landfill Testing Labs Near MeYou shouldn’t settle for the least expensive testing lab on the market or an overpriced environmental testing agency. Suburban Testing Labs is dedicated to providing the most value for testing services while retaining a cost-competitive business model. Partnering with us provides access to state-of-the-art technologies, as well as the expertise of nearly 100 environmental analysts trained to deliver defensible data with a fast turnaround and unparalleled customer service.

Suburban Testing Labs began as a small, regional water testing laboratory, providing high-quality analysis of local drinking water. While the core principle of ensuring potable water is safe, pure, and suited for public health and the local environment, our services have since branched out to pursue greater ambitions. Founded in 1963, we’ve grown to become one of the nation’s largest independent environmental testing laboratories, complete with a 25,000-square foot facility that boasts industry-leading resources for top quality services.

Analysis for All Needs

The nature of your average landfill means that pollution is a high risk at any time. In order to help prepare you to institute informed programs, policies, and treatment methods for meeting regulatory compliance, Suburban Testing labs offer extensive landfill testing services for analysis of groundwater, leachate, wastewater, solid waste, soil, and drinking water.

Our tests are designed to provide intensive data on the metrics of any given contaminant in landfill waste and water tables. Unlike in media that depicts tests that provide a broad spectrum of results, we test for the exact contents of a requested contaminant present in a provided sample. This service ensures you’re provided with relevant, defensible data regarding pollutants that could affect local ecosystems and populations if not adequately treated.

Upon receipt of your landfill samples, our trained analysts process, test, and compile detailed reports available through our Online Report Access system for live reports and progress updates, through EDDs, QC Data Packages, or a variety of deliverable report options to suit your requirements. Most importantly of all is that you’re guaranteed highly defensible, accurate, insightful data geared to help drive decision making processes.

Our Sample Collection Services

Getting your remote samples from point A to point B have a selection of avenues to choose from. If you’re confident in your own sample collection capabilities, our field services teams can help reduce costs associated with resampling by providing safe, secure transport from your landfill location to our facility. However, we also offer onsite sample collection and analysis, providing numerous services aligned with EPA guidelines for providing accurate results while retaining sample integrity.

Our ultimate goal is to be the first and best choice for environmental testing, combining integrity with passion. When you ask, “Which landfill testing lab near me should I choose,” Suburban Testing Labs wants to prove that we can provide you with the most reliable data without forcing you to wait for it. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.