Environmental Testing Labs Pennsylvania

Environmental toxins on your Pennsylvania property can endanger public health and trigger regulatory fines. Suburban Testing Labs provides the data to help you make important environmental decisions that protect public health and preserve the environment.

Suburban Testing Labs, headquartered in Reading, PA, is a nationally recognized independent environmental testing laboratory that specializes in analysis of water, wastewater, soil, and solid materials. We have 57 years of experience in environmental testing for microbiological, inorganic and organic contaminants, metals, and radiologicals.

Environmental Testing Labs Pennsylvania

We hold accreditation for drinking water, non-potable water, and solid and chemical materials in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware. and Maryland, and serve industries that test potable water, non-potable water, and soil/solid materials to protect public health and preserve the environment, such as environmental consultants and engineers; wastewater treatment plants and operators; drinking water suppliers; water treatment companies; brownfields, site remediation, and development professionals; and Environmental Labs that may not have the necessary capabilities to meet their customers’ needs.

Suburban Testing Labs is accredited in accordance with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), which is based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. This means we must pass strict regulatory audits and pass routine proficiency testing in all matrices to ensure our analysis is up to the highest level of quality standards.

Our Capabilities

  • Drinking Water Analysis: Our business was founded on public drinking water testing and, today, it remains one of our core services for all types of industries, including engineering firms, contract operators, consulting firms, and various other industries.
  • Ground Water Analysis: Suburban Testing Labs can perform analysis on groundwater for spray fields, landfills, contaminated sites, investigations, and any other monitoring program you may need.
  • Landfill Environmental Compliance: Suburban Testing Labs helps clients deal with environmental lab testing at landfills and disposal facilities. Our experience includes analysis of groundwater, leachate, wastewater, solid waste, soil, and drinking water to support your requirements.
  • Public Swimming Pools & Bathing Beaches: Public swimming pools are required to test for bacteria, and Suburban Testing Labs offers comprehensive solutions for your testing needs. We can provide certified analysis for coliform bacteria, pH, and chlorine/bromine as required.
  • Site Remediation & Waste Disposal Testing: Our team can support your environmental remediation projects, waste disposal, brownfields, site assessments/closures, facility expansion/redevelopment, permitting, and regulatory compliance.
  • Wastewater Analysis: Suburban Testing Labs is the authority on the wastewater analysis and testing needs of engineering firms, contract operators, consulting firms, and various other industries.
  • Underground Storage Tank Analysis: We have safely removed and/or decommissioned underground storage tanks and above-ground storage tanks in the most rigorous regulated locations.

Beyond analysis, Suburban Testing Labs can provide all of the support services you may need for lab testing, such as automatic sample collection, compliance tracking, and annual consumer confidence reports. We offer sample pick-up from your location and comprehensive sample collection kits for your team.

When it comes to reporting, we are proud to offer four ways of receiving results reports: automatic email, online report access, automatic fax, and a hardcopy.  You may also elect to go paperless and receive reports/invoices electronically.  Our dedicated project managers also offer automatic notification of results that exceed your permit levels and track your compliance requirements.

Suburban Testing Labs is committed to providing defensible data at a competitive price with first-class customer service. Please contact us at 610-375-TEST for assistance with your environmental testing and analytical needs in Pennsylvania.