Drinking Water Testing Delaware

Suburban Testing Labs, serving all of Delaware, is one of the nation’s leading environmental testing laboratories, analyzing drinking water, groundwater, wastewater, soil, and other materials for a diverse range of inorganic and volatile organic compounds.

Drinking Water Testing DelawareHeadquartered in Reading, PA, Suburban Testing Labs has grown from a small, regional water testing company founded in 1963 to one of the largest family-owned, independent, single-site environmental testing laboratories in North America.

We serve any industry that tests potable water, non-potable water, and soil/solid materials to protect public health and preserve the environment, including brownfields, site remediation, and development professionals; environmental consultants and engineers; drinking water suppliers; wastewater treatment plants and operators; water treatment companies; as well as Environmental Laboratories that may not have the necessary capabilities to meet their customers’ needs.

Firmly rooted in high drinking water testing standards, we are ready to be your partner for success.


Suburban Testing Labs is accredited under the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP) for drinking water, non-potable water, and solid and chemical materials in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland. Our highly developed quality system ensures uncompromising data quality.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Suburban Testing Labs was founded on drinking water testing, and it is still one of our core services.  We analyze public drinking water samples in our state-of-the-art, full service, 25,000 square foot laboratory and accept samples of all types for drinking water testing, including microbiology, inorganic contaminants, organic contaminants, metals, and radiologicals.

Multiple Levels of Data Review

Our quality team is personally committed to defensible, accurate data and has instituted a rigorous process for thorough data review at multiple levels of the laboratory to ensure that you can count on your results. We have multiple levels of data review that provide important double checks to ensure accuracy and ensure compliance with quality control requirements.

Your data is not only reviewed in detail by the chemist or microbiologist who performs the analysis but must also endure a second layer of approval and pass a rigorous data validation process conducted by a Quality Specialist.

Finally, all client result reports go through an additional review step with your Project Manager. We know our data is used to make important environmental decisions and want our clients to trust that the data is correct the first time.

Results and Reports

When it comes to reporting, we offer four ways to receive results reports: automatic email, online report access, automatic fax, and a hardcopy.  You may also elect to go paperless and receive your reports/invoices electronically.

We can create custom Electronic Data Deliverables (EDD’s) to meet your needs.  We can also automatically email your EDD with your final report and invoice.  These documents are also available for your convenience in our online report access system.

Data Packages required for data review and submission can also be created according to the requirements of your project.  Our reliable data reporting packages are clear, easy to understand, and contain all relevant information about your sample analysis. We offer Level I, II, III, IV, and NJ LSRP Reduced Deliverable Data Packages as required by your project.

Suburban Testing Labs is one of the nation’s leading public drinking water testing laboratories in Delaware for a diverse range of parameters. Please contact us at 610-375-TEST or email us to discuss your environmental testing and analytical needs.