Our New Client Services Department Project Management Teams

We are excited to introduce two dedicated Project Management teams in our Client Services Department: the Blue and Silver teams. We organized existing team members to form these two groups to ensure your needs are met efficiently. From addressing routine requests to resolving issues and reviewing results reports, we’re here to answer the call.

What can you expect?

Streamlined Communication: Your designated Project Manager and the team will quickly address your questions, provide updates, and guide you throughout the testing process.

Prompt Issue Resolution: Our teams are equipped to swiftly address any unexpected challenges that may arise during your project, minimizing disruptions to your timelines. Working as a team allows us to share resources and help you more quickly.

Efficient Project Setup: The Blue and Silver teams are equipped with accurate project setup procedures. They will work closely with you to gather necessary information and accommodate setup, changes, and updates as your projects evolve.

Thorough Results Review: Ensuring accuracy, reliability, and compliance with regulatory standards, our Project Management teams meticulously review and approve final results reports.

Your dedicated Project Manager is the primary contact. However, please remember that other team members may assist you, ensuring comprehensive support.

If you have any questions or need help, please don’t hesitate to contact your designated Project Manager. Thank you for your continued trust in Suburban Testing Labs.

Blue Team

Mike Major

Lauren Ulle

Rebecca Schweitzer

Devin Kohler

(pictured left to right)


Silver Team

Maria Schwambach

Sarah Pitrovich

Larissa Cates

Rebecca Grillo

(pictured left to right)