Earth Day 2021

Earth Day is the day that was created to bring transformative change through education, activism, and change to benefit our planet.  The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we live, work, and communicate.  We may be separated, but we are all in it together.  Take Earth Day to remember the planet we all share, and do something to help.

How Suburban Testing Labs Celebrates

Last year our staff launched our Environmental Action Committee, a group of employees dedicated to planning activities to further our Purpose of preserving the environment.  This month our team is partnering with Berks Nature to plant trees.  We are also participating in a staff-wide “No Waste Lunch Day” where we are challenging our team to pack a lunch with zero-waste.

Here’s how you can join the global conversation while at home this year.

Tune in to Earth Day Live 2021 Online – Restore our Earth

EARTHDAY.ORG will produce its second Earth Day Live digital event on April 22. Workshops, panel discussions, and special performances will focus on Earth Day’s 2021 theme, Restore Our Earth, which examines natural processes, emerging green technologies, and innovative thinking that can restore the world’s ecosystems.

Topics will include climate and environmental literacy, climate restoration technologies, reforestation efforts, regenerative agriculture, equity, and environmental justice, citizen science, cleanups, and beyond. World climate leaders, grassroots activists, nonprofit innovators, thought leaders, industry leaders, artists, musicians, influencers, and more will be involved.

How to Watch

Tune in on April 22 at 12PM ET and stream the event live on Facebook,, Twitter, Twitch, YouTube, and GEM-TV.

Pledge as a FamilyKids Drinking Water

Commit as a household to change one behavior that will benefit our planet.  For example:

  • Commit to eliminate the purchase of bottled water, and instead use reusable containers.
  • Stop using plastic straws and stick to stainless steel reusable straws instead.
  • Eliminate single-use plates, utensils, or napkins, and stick to washable and reusable options.
  • Install rain barrels for watering of outdoor flowers, plants, and vegetable gardens.

Pick one commitment and discuss how you can change your daily behaviors to stick to it.

Go to the Backyard

Plant a tree, native wildflowers, or start a garden.  Spring is the perfect time to get started!  Planting supports bird, butterfly, and bee species.  Not to mention, it’s a simple way to add beauty to your outdoor living space.  Check out The Old Farmer’s Almanac website for tips to start your own Wildflower garden.

Educate the Next Generation

E-learning and cabin fever has taken over households with children.  Earth Day allows you to mix-it-up with a new activity, while helping the next generation understand the importance of taking care of our planet.

  • Check out National Geographic Kids for some Earth Day celebration ideas.
  • Environment America has a list of “Nifty Fifty Activities” kids can do at home in many categories, including climate change, waste reduction, plants, bees, and waterways.
  • Browse Pinterest for simple Earth Day activities you can print and do at home.

As an environmental testing laboratory, our overall purpose is to help preserve the environment and protect public health.  It’s in everything we do every day. But outside of work, we can all contribute as citizens to help make the Earth better for future generations.

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