Water Testing Lab Delaware

Meeting regulatory compliance, especially if you lack the proper facilities for the necessary testing methods, can be a struggle. You have project goals to be met, samples to be analyzed, and a ticking clock that doesn’t afford you enough time to complete it all. Working with an accredited water testing lab in Delaware can help meet deadlines, uphold standards, and work with insightful, reliable data on a fast turnaround schedule without compromising on integrity or quality of information.

Water Testing Lab DelawareHeadquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, Suburban Testing Labs has been providing quality service to a variety of industries for 55+ years. Founded with a dedication to providing reliable data for environmental testing, we offer a full suite of services at a cost-competitive price. We specialize in drinking water, non-potable water such as groundwater and wastewater, soils, solids, and chemical materials.

Ensuring that you’re delivered trustworthy results for projects, public utilities, treatment plants, and more is a core principle of our laboratory. With nearly 100 laboratory personnel on staff, you’re receiving the full measure of expertise that could be expected in our industry. Some of our distinguished members include:

  • Microbiologists
  • Chemists
  • Environmental Scientists
  • Field Scientists
  • Client Services

With an emphasis placed on diversity, our team of professionals comprise a wide-ranging degree of backgrounds and experiences. We employ a healthy mixture of industry professionals with years of real-world experience and young professionals seeking to grow into their careers and pursue opportunities. Suburban Testing Labs invests in the future, both for the environment and for a younger generation.

Benefits of Water Testing

Drinking water, wastewater, groundwater, swimming pool water. Whatever the body it may be presented in, water is an essential part of life. Ensuring it’s safe, compliant, and of little impact to the environment is a priority step in many industries. There are a multitude of potential risks that, if left undetected, could lead to long-standing consequences as a result. Water testing through a NELAP accredited laboratory offers assurance of quality and actionable reports for remediating issues.

Waterborne Pathogens

Unsafe water can be host to colonies of pathogens, causing widespread outbreaks if consumed or otherwise used. Common bacteria include salmonella, mycobacteria, and pseudomonas, and tend to be related to unsanitary conditions, environmental deterioration, and pollution. Analysis will quickly identify and determine if any samples are contaminated.


There are a countless number of potential contaminants that may threaten integrity of the water supply. Some common examples include nitrates, arsenic, and metals like copper and zinc. These contaminants seep into water supplies from any number of sources:

  • Local agriculture
  • Rusty pipes
  • Natural mineral deposits
  • Municipal and industrial wastewater

Understanding what contaminants reside in your water samples is invaluable for project support. Once you know your enemy, taking the necessary remediation steps is simplified.

Field Analysis

Depending on the project, there are any number of factors you could be looking for. Checking pH levels, chlorine amount, presence of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, flow rate, and temperate are valuable data points needed as supportive information for achieving compliance, project completion, and informed decision making.

As one of the largest water testing labs in the Delaware area, Suburban Testing Labs prioritizes rapid result delivery. At your request, contact regarding results can be received within 24 hours, supported by extensive testing, reporting, and treatment. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.