Water Quality Testing Labs

Whether you need to test public drinking water or analyze wastewater reservoirs, the right water testing lab can provide exhaustive results based on defensible data. Suburban Testing Labs’ highly developed quality system ensures uncompromising data quality.

Suburban Testing Labs is a leader in testing public drinking water, wastewater, soil, and solid materials for many recreational and commercial areas. In Pennsylvania alone, we test the water for more than 1 million residents. Although we are proud to be a full-service laboratory that tests many sample types, we were founded on drinking water analysis, and it continues to be a core part of our business.

Water Quality Testing LabsWe are accredited by the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), which is based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. This means we must pass strict regulatory audits and routine proficiency testing in all matrices to ensure that our analysis is up to the highest level of quality standards. Our highly developed quality system ensures uncompromising data quality.

Suburban Testing Labs has the resources needed to provide:

  • Drinking Water Analysis
  • Groundwater Analysis
  • Public Pool Analysis
  • Wastewater Analysis

Sample Collection & Site Mapping

High quality, defensible data starts when samples are collected.  The Suburban Testing Labs Field Sciences team uses cutting-edge technology and equipment to sample according to EPA requirements, and then properly transports your samples to our in-house laboratory for analysis.

We have an extensive catalog of sampling services that includes everything from the basics of grab sampling to advanced sampling techniques for environmental investigations, and everything in between.

Samples also have to be collected at the correct location.  Whether inside a single building or within the city limits of a large metropolitan area, our Site Map record-keeping technology system ensures we sample from the correct locations.

Our team first visits your site in the field to see the sampling locations.  Photos, maps, and special instructions are recorded and accessed using tablets.  Ongoing updates and changes can easily be made throughout the life of your project.  Thorough communications ahead of your sampling events circumvents costly resampling and project oversights, ensuring your data will be defensible and trustworthy.


Our team of analysts work nearly around the clock processing samples from multiple states in the mid-Atlantic region.  Our goal is to get our clients data fast, and so it takes a lot of coordination, communication, and collaboration from our team to make that happen.

While speed is important, high quality, defensible data always comes first.  After our analysts prepare, analyze, and enter results for these samples, our team of Quality Specialists validate the results and quality control associated with each batch of analysis.

Following validation by our Quality Team, our Clients Services Team then reviews the data again, following a specific checklist of criteria before the results can be released to the client.  Once approved, our client receives the report.

More and more clients place their trust in Suburban Testing Labs to provide them with data that is high quality, defensible and reliable. If you are a public water supplier, treatment professional, operations company, or anyone working to help provide safe water, contact Suburban Testing Labs about water quality testing. If you would like to partner with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.