Soil Testing Lab Maryland

There is no limit to the number of industries that require the services of a soil testing lab in Maryland. Suburban Testing Labs focuses on providing soil testing services for Brownfield, Transportation, and Infrastructure improvement projects, enabling government bodies, consultants, and contractors to meet regulatory compliance.

Soil Testing Lab MarylandThe inclusion of reliable data regarding soil makeup is crucial for giving these projects the green light. With anything less than a full analysis that effectively and thoroughly examines the entirety of a diverse spread of soil samples from the relevant plot of land, there is the chance that important details would go unnoticed. The resulting fallout far exceeds the costs of working with a full-service environmental testing laboratory that possesses the expertise and resources needed to see your project through to completion.

With a 25,000 square foot independent, single-site facility, Suburban Testing Labs has both the skills and capacity to handle any amount of soil testing your project needs. We provide testing for microbiological, organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and radiological analysis, determining the full quality of your soil and identifying possible hazards that pose a risk to the integrity of your project.


Urban areas are frequently subject to areas of previously developed land that has since gone unused for many years. These plots may be available for reconstruction and new purposes, but brownfields specifically have been exposed to harmful materials that may affect the soil makeup. Examples include gas stations, oil yards, junk yards, and other places where contaminants may have caused environmental damage.

By providing soil, solids, and chemical materials testing for these areas, Suburban Testing Lab provides your project with the essential knowledge needed for understanding how to treat these brownfields, the extent of the damage they’ve caused, and help develop a plan of action for safely renovating the area for new construction.


By definition, a transportation project intrinsically deals with any state or city project that aims to either improve or institute new methods for transportation, either by building a new transportation facility or by improving the state highway. Transportation is a critical aspect of American culture, which makes these projects essential for improving travel capability and infrastructure.

Soil quality plays a huge role in the progression of any given transportation project. Depending on the type of soil that is being built upon, as well as various other factors such as water permeability, bearing capacity, and soil behavior under a variety of stresses, your project may need special attention to ensure contingencies are in place to account for failure.

Infrastructure Projects

Any project that contends with classic construction, involving services, facilities, and systems, needs to thoroughly examine the soil before building begins. Like with transportation projects, the contents of the soil make a huge impact on how the structure must be designed, as improper treatment could lead to bridges failing or structural collapse.

No matter the type of project you are involved in, having a reliable soil testing lab in Maryland to support you is invaluable. To partner with Suburban Testing Labs, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.