Landfill Testing Services Maryland

Landfill testing services in Maryland need to be reliable, fast, and capable of delivering detailed reports containing a compilation of defensible data in a way that makes sense to key decision makers in your company. As landfills are the recipients of a wide variety of different types of waste, sourced from many different areas, gaining a clear vision of what your groundwater tables look like helps prevent pollution from expanding into vulnerable areas, such as local ecosystems or populations. However, finding a partner capable of delivering on these results without compromising on data quality or costs can be hard to find.

Landfill Testing Services MarylandYou shouldn’t be forced to settle for an environmental testing laboratory that fails to meet the highest level of criteria for providing valuable data reports on a fast turnaround with first-class customer support. Suburban Testing Labs is a family-owned, independent environmental testing laboratory that specializes in all manner of environmental testing fields, including testing services for groundwater, potable water, wastewater, soils, solids, chemical materials, and more. Founded in 1963, we’ve grown to be one of the 50th largest testing companies in the nation, providing high-value results while reducing your company’s overhead.

What Do We Test?

Depending on your landfill’s needs, we are capable of providing exhaustive landfill tests for everything ranging from pollution levels in your groundwater tables to the very waste being shipped into your landfill. Providing a full range of motion to cover your regulatory compliance needs enables our clients to operate on an informed basis, leveraging relevant, up-to-date data including the latest figures regarding contaminants and overall water quality.

Our landfill testing services ensure you’re attended to, including:

  • Sample collection
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring wells analysis
  • Leachate testing
  • Inbound waste testing

Making the process as accessible and seamless with your company operations helps ensure customer satisfaction with every step. Our collaborative approach with a dedicated project manager for every client helps keep your teams apprised of progress, as well as providing needed assistance with submission forms, sampling schedules, and more. Open collaboration and communication fosters success with every project.

Monitoring Well Analysis

Our onsite field scientists are trained to handle every sample with the care and attention they deserve for accurate results. Preserving sample collection integrity with cutting-edge technology, advanced sample collection techniques, and EPA-compliant storage and transportation policies ensures the process is effectively streamlined for fast turnaround times and comprehensive data reports. By sampling the monitoring wells surrounding your landfill property, our environmental analysts gain insight into the pollution levels of groundwater tables in the area.

Leachate Testing

Landfill runoff from weather directs contaminants from your landfill into underground liners and drainage systems, then transported for treatment at a treatment facility. Our services cover extensive leachate testing, as well as the occasional wastewater, for contaminants related to landfill waste to ensure it isn’t excessively polluted and guiding treatment procedures.

Inbound Waste Testing

On occasion, landfills will need incoming waste to be tested for contaminants as well. Were any waste to be found containing excessive amounts of contaminants, landfills could not accept them. Suburban Testing Labs provides extensive onsite and environmental facility testing to keep your landfill operating at optimal performance with appropriate safety measures.

Suburban Testing Labs’ landfill testing services in Maryland endeavor to provide you with defensible data via multiple reporting options. Working with your dedicated project manager will provide access to online reporting, live progress updates, and comprehensive data reports available through various methods. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.