Groundwater Testing Maryland

Groundwater contaminants that may threaten local ecosystems which means you need up-to-date, reliable data to inform key project decisions. The outcome of groundwater testing in Maryland has the capacity to drastically alter the trajectory of your work. Suburban Testing Labs provide services for a number of industries, including wastewater treatment plants, landfills, environmental consultants, and more, who all have a common goal – to preserve the environment.

Groundwater Testing Maryland

Suburban Testing Labs started as a regional water testing company dedicated to keeping drinking water safe for local populations. What began in 1963 has since grown to be one of North America’s largest family-owned, independent, single-site environmental testing laboratories, supported by nearly 100 environmental analysts across several fields of expertise. Our teams, operating with cutting-edge technology capable of providing hyper-detailed analyses of environmental samples, provide defensible data for use across a variety of industries.

How Do Our Testing Services Work?

Unlike how movies often make it seem, environmental testing is not intended to give full run-downs of everything contained in a given sample. Clients partner with us to provide informative results about the exact level of a particular contaminant contained within a groundwater location that may have originally come from several areas, such as local landfills, spray fields, or other monitoring projects. The key value of knowing how much of a substance is contained in the groundwater is how it will impact whether or not treatment will be required before the client’s development plans can commence.

The groundwater analysis process begins with a sample. Our field services teams offer remote sample collection, saving time and money. By assigning you a dedicated Project Manager, we aim to streamline the testing process, including pre-filled forms, labels, and extensive reporting options for receiving your data. Once the samples have been retrieved, stored, and prepared for transport according to all EPA requirements, every sample is taken to our NEPAL-accredited environmental testing laboratory.

Sample integrity is a priority. Our sample receiving department reviews every order and monitors sample conditions, documentation, and container requirements. Ensuring compliance for optimal sample maintenance and storage, the samples then continue on to their appropriate department for groundwater testing.

Depending on what our clients are looking for, our facility boasts some of the most expansive technological offerings available in the environmental testing industry. Cutting edge technology, operated by industry-leading environmental analysts, allows us to provide the most accurate results possible. Our testing departments include:

  • Microbiology
  • Inorganic Chemistry and Metals
  • Organic Chemistry

All personnel are trained for the tests they perform as well as in our clients’ operations, providing valuable insight into the core reasons and purpose for each test. Supported by automated instrumentation and a powerful computer system, obtaining precise results is faster, more reliable, and more affordable than many other environmental testing laboratories can offer.

Once the testing is complete, there are multiple options for receiving your results reports:

  • Automatic email
  • Online report access
  • Automatic fax
  • Hardcopy

We also offer QC Data Packages and EDDs for your convenience. Suburban Testing Labs is dedicated to ensuring your groundwater testing in Maryland is defensible, accurate, and affordable. If you are interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.