Environmental Consultants New Jersey

Environmental consultants in New Jersey are responsible for ensuring that they are providing keen insights backed by knowledgeable understanding of the context for any given project. However, you are not always guaranteed to have the assets on hand that are necessary to deliver your best work. You may be unable to gather appropriate samples, lack the high-grade laboratory required to analyze your samples, or are saddled with a time crunch that cannot be readily met.

Environmental Consultants New JerseyThis is where Suburban Testing Labs shines. Our full-service EPA approved environmental testing facility, ranked as the 6th largest in the nation, is the product of years of dedication and effort. Our company was founded in 1963 based on the belief that clean drinking water was imperative for the safety and quality of life, both for local ecosystems and human consumption. Since then, our small, family-owned regional water testing facility has grown to accommodate the needs of many industries, including government, municipal, engineering firms, contract operators, consulting firms, and more.

A Lab You Can Rely On

Placing a rush job with any nearby laboratory facility can’t guarantee you the results you are looking for. Your work requires the highest degree of quality to not only preserve your reputation as a skilled consultant, but also to protect the environment. Water is a building block of life, and allowing contaminated water to seep into local reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and similar water sources lays the groundwork for exorbitant damage to the health and well-being of the natural world.

These and more are ample reason to invest in a lab with the capacity and expertise to handle your workload without compromising project integrity. Suburban Testing Labs is the proud owner of a state-of-the-art, independent, single-site facility backed by NELAP accreditation. This accreditation has allowed us to be certified in the following areas:

  • Commonwealth of Pennsylvania – PA DEP # 06-00208
  • State of New Jersey – NJ Lab ID #PA081
  • State of Maryland – MD Lab ID #347

Recognition, both local and national, is a testament to our ability to provide you with the right data through the means you need without overextending your resources. At a cost competitive price, we provide an extensive array of services performed by environmental professionals with turnaround times you can’t beat.

All the Services You Need

No matter the project, we have your back, providing the support needed to effectively transport, analyze, and organize samples for optimal results. Our lab comes equipped with a variety of tools and resources for virtually any project. With each member of our workforce trained in the tests they perform, as well as the basics of your operations, we provide premium services for:

  • Sample Receiving
  • Microbiology
  • Inorganic Chemistry and Metals
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Field Sciences

Dedication to properly analyzed potable water, wastewater, groundwater, and soil, solids, and chemical materials is what made Suburban Testing Labs thrive. Effective backup for environmental consultants in New Jersey who have need of our services means we aim to deliver on our promises, helping you meet deadlines without compromising on the level of service quality you’ve come accustomed to offering. If you’re interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.