Certified Water Testing Labs

The certified Suburban Testing Labs provides high quality water testing services for potable water, non-potable water, wastewater, groundwater, soil, solids, and chemical materials, with fast results turnaround.

Certified Water Testing LabsHeadquartered in Reading, PA, and EPA-certified since 1978, Suburban Testing Labs is a nationally accredited full-service environmental testing lab that has been active for 55+ years.

We are accredited in accordance with the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP), which is based on ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards. This requires us to pass strict regulatory audits and pass routine proficiency testing in all matrices to ensure our analysis is up to the highest level of quality standards.

We hold accreditation for drinking water, non-potable water, and solid and chemical materials in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.  If you have a project that necessitates accreditation in a state outside of our current accreditation footprint, we work with many partner labs that also send us work.

State-of-the-Art Testing Facility

With 25,000 square feet of cutting-edge technology and a team of highly educated analytical professionals, Suburban Testing Labs provides accurate and reliable data at faster than average turnaround times while maintaining a competitive price.

Our departments include:

  • Sample Receiving: Our sample coordinators review every order to ensure all sample conditions, documentation, and container requirements comply. They input pertinent data into our Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and ensure samples are stored according to EPA requirements.
  • Microbiology: Our microbiology department performs bacterial testing on various samples, including drinking water, wastewater, pools, and biosolids. We perform many tests supporting client needs, including Fecal Coliform, Total Coliform, E. Coli, Heterotrophic Plate Count, Helminth Ova, and Salmonella.
  • Inorganic Chemistry and Metals: We offer a wide range of analytical testing, from standard wet-chemistry techniques, such as gravimetric analysis, titrations, and colorimetry, to advanced automated analysis, such as Ion Chromatography (IC), Flow Injection Analysis (FIA), and Inductively Coupled Plasma – Mass Spectroscopy (ICP-MS).
  • Organic Chemistry: This department is where analysis of a large assortment of organic compounds takes place. Most require a solvent extraction process and are analyzed using gas or liquid chromatography systems. Our gas chromatography systems include mass-spectroscopy or electron capture detection (ECD) to analyze synthetic organic contaminants (SOCs), pesticides, herbicides, PCB, semi-volatile, and volatile contaminants. Our High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) technology is utilized primarily for the analysis of SOCs.
  • Client Services: Our Project Managers partner with you at every step to ensure your project is a success and serve as your main point of contact. They can customize your data deliverables according to your needs and automate your reports directly from our LIMS.
  • Field Sciences: Our field sciences division has extensive training in all aspects of sample collection, including sampling for various types of drinking water, wastewater, industrial waste, pools, sludge, and biosolids. They will ensure that your samples are collected, stored properly, and transported according to all EPA requirements. Field analysis capabilities include, but are not limited to, pH, chlorine, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, flow rate, and temperature.

Using an independent, certified, third-party laboratory like Suburban Testing Labs for your compliance water testing will provide you with peace of mind.  We take that responsibility seriously. If you are interested in partnering with us, call us at 610-375-TEST or visit our contact page for more information.