Meet Your Team


Meet Your Team

Sarah Pitrovich Project Manager office: 610-375-8378, ext. 249 Main Point of Contact Daily Handling of Project Work Scheduling of Bottle Orders, Deliveries and Pick-ups Result Report Status Updates and Turnaround Time Questions Report Delivery, […]

Landfill Testing Pennsylvania

Landfills are frequently the sites of accumulated toxic materials, which should come as no surprise. However, the waste is sourced from several different places, making them a high-risk zone for potential environmental damage. Landfill testing […]

Landfill Testing Services Maryland

Landfill testing services in Maryland need to be reliable, fast, and capable of delivering detailed reports containing a compilation of defensible data in a way that makes sense to key decision makers in your company. […]

Landfill Testing New Jersey

Ensuring you have access to the most accurate, comprehensible, relevant, and defensible data regarding landfill testing in New Jersey is vital for maintaining regulatory compliance and preservation of the environment. Without a concept of what […]

Landfill Testing Labs Near Me

Landfills won’t always have the resources, technologies, tools, or expertise required to effectively measure and maintain their properties. The amount of waste being sourced on a daily basis from multiple locations, both domestic and industrial, […]

Landfill Testing Delaware

Landfill testing in Delaware ensures that landfills and disposal facilities are adequately informed about their nearby groundwater tables to take precautions for local ecosystems, water tables, and other vulnerable habitats against contamination of hazardous elements. […]

Groundwater Testing Maryland

Groundwater contaminants that may threaten local ecosystems which means you need up-to-date, reliable data to inform key project decisions. The outcome of groundwater testing in Maryland has the capacity to drastically alter the trajectory of […]

Groundwater Quality Analysis

Responsible for the drinking water of approximately 51% of the total U.S. population, 64% of the water used to irrigate food crops, and a source of recharge for lakes, rivers, and wetlands, groundwater is one […]

Groundwater Testing Delaware

Knowledge about groundwater quality, especially when adjacent to potentially hazardous locations such as landfills, factories, and other contaminated sites, is crucial. Without a clear understanding of the level of contamination within a given groundwater reservoir, […]

Groundwater Testing Pennsylvania

Thorough groundwater testing in Pennsylvania is a vital component of providing environmental consultants with the type of high value, actionable information necessary to make an informed decision. For a wide variety of industries on innumerable […]