Drowning in Lab Problems? Let Us Keep You Afloat

Missed turnaround times? Unanswered questions or data inquiries?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be drowning in lab problems. Suburban Testing Labs can help.

Our project turnaround time is currently running at 98.6%. This means we give you deadlines you can trust, and you get your report when you’re supposed to, often earlier than expected.

In addition to fast turnaround times, environmental testing requires a strong commitment to servicing the client.  Our sizable, and local, Client Services Team is dedicated to making your project a success by reliably responding to the needs of our clients.

More About our Client Services Team

Our Client Services Department is comprised of a highly trained team of dedicated professionals.  Your expert Project Manager is assigned to you based on matching experience, and they serve as your main point of contact for any and all account needs.  From ordering sample containers, to technical questions, they are there to get the answers you need.

When it comes to reporting, Suburban Testing Labs has you covered.   We recognize that you can’t wait for results!  We have fast turnaround times, and you’ll have easy access to live data and final reports using our secure Online Report Access system. Routinely, you have three ways of receiving results reports: automatic email, online report access, and a hard copy.  And yes – you can have multiple users receive emails and have online access.

When you require specific electronic reporting/EDD’s, we are here to customize your data deliverables according to your needs.  Plus, we can automate your custom reports directly from our LIMS.

Avoid costly resampling due to lack of lab communication or partnership oversights.  Choose our team of highly dedicated professionals for your next project.

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Testing to Support Infrastructure

Vacations require transportation.  Whether you’re driving, flying or taking a bus, you need to get from here to there somehow.

It’s rare to travel anywhere in the mid-Atlantic region during the summer without encountering road construction of some sort.  While this can be a giant pain for travelers and commuters, the long-term benefit is important.  And here at Suburban Testing Labs… we love infrastructure projects.

Investments in transportation infrastructure improvements are important to our way of life as Americans.  Safety on roads and bridges are a top priority.  Reduction in travel time and traffic congestion are also important  benefits.

Most of our readers are probably aware that some demolished construction materials and reclaimed fill (soil, dirt and other materials) can be recycled into new asphalt products or road base materials.  Our laboratories analyze soil, and various types of solid materials, every day to determine if it is safe for beneficial reuse, or if it should be classified as hazardous.

In addition, we analyze soil, solids and groundwater for large expansion projects involving major redevelopment, highway, airport, and rail projects (just to name a few).

We are proud to support the preservation of our environment, and growth of our transportation infrastructure with our laboratory testing.  Our analysts passionately pursue perfection in data quality so our clients can make important environmental decisions.

The next time you’re driving on a new stretch of highway, crossing a new bridge, or boarding at an airport, look around, marvel at the engineering work.  Then wonder to yourself “was my lab involved in the testing here?”  We very may well have been.