(water+hops+barley) + wings + pizza = Super Bowl Sunday

How does our job relate to the Super Bowl? Forbes estimates that Americans are drinking 325 million gallons of beer during the weekend of the big game.  Whatever people are drinking, it takes a lot to wash down all the pizza and chicken wings.  Super Bowl Sunday is second only to Thanksgiving in food consumption.

We test drinking water in 4 states that serve nearly 3 million people.  Water for your taps, water that gets bottled, water used to make vended ice, and yes, water that’s used in beer production.

Since the last Super Bowl, we’ve performed over 83,000 analyses for public water suppliers.  Total Coliform and E.coli bacteria are the highest volume test we perform, accounting  for about 30% of total analysis volume.  But we also test for many other important toxic contaminants such as Lead, Pesticides, and Nitrates. It’s a very important job, and we take every analysis seriously.

So if you’re washing down some guacamole with, say, a local craft beer – we may have tested the water used to make it.  It’s all in our pursuit to help protect public health and preserve the environment.