Suburban Testing Labs Achieves Groundbreaking Accreditation for PFAS Testing in Solids, Soil, and Biosolids via EPA Method 1633

We are excited to announce a major milestone for Suburban Testing Labs: we are the first laboratory in Pennsylvania to have officially gained accreditation for testing PFAS in solids, soil, and biosolids materials using the published final EPA Method 1633 rev 1.0. This achievement adds to our comprehensive PFAS testing capabilities, where we already hold accreditation for testing drinking water via Methods 537.1 and 533, and non-potable water via Method 1633 rev 1.0.

Leading the Way in PFAS Testing

Suburban Testing Labs has always been at the forefront of PFAS testing in PA, and this new accreditation further cements our position as industry leaders. We were the first lab in Pennsylvania to gain accreditation for the EPA draft Method 1633 in non-potable water in PA when it was initially released. Now, we are proud to expand our scope to include the finalized Method 1633 rev 1.0 for solid chemical materials, being the first laboratory in Pennsylvania accredited for solid and chemical materials with PADEP.

Unmatched Expertise and Capabilities

This new accreditation means that Suburban Testing Labs is the only laboratory in Pennsylvania currently performing PFAS testing in solids, soil, and biosolids under the finalized approved EPA Method 1633 rev 1.0. Our commitment to staying ahead of regulatory changes and advancing our testing capabilities ensures that our clients receive the most accurate and reliable results available.

Comprehensive PFAS Testing Services

Our expanded PFAS testing services now include:

  • Drinking Water: Accredited via Methods 537.1 and 533
  • Non-Potable Water: Accredited via final EPA Method 1633
  • Solids, Soil, and Biosolids: Newly accredited via final EPA Method 1633

The Importance of PFAS Testing

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) are a group of man-made chemicals that have been widely used in various industrial applications and consumer products. Due to their persistence in the environment and potential health risks, accurate and reliable PFAS testing is crucial for ensuring public safety and environmental protection.  Many regulatory agencies are requiring public water suppliers, wastewater treatment facilities, landfills, brownfield sites, contaminated sites, and more, to perform this testing to protect public health.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Suburban Testing Labs, our mission is to provide high-quality analytical services that safeguard public health and the environment. Achieving this latest accreditation demonstrates our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of accuracy and reliability in our testing processes.

We are committed to supporting our clients with the best testing services available, helping them navigate complex regulatory requirements and make informed decisions.

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