Celebrating our Team

Celebrating the Best –

Labor Day is often celebrated with cook-out’s, picnics, and final trips to the pool.  But let’s not forget that Labor Day was created to honor the achievements of American workers.  According to the Dept. of Labor, it constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

To honor that notion, we’ve decided to share just a few stories of some team members you may never have heard of.  They are behind the scenes, working to provide our clients with first-class customer service and high quality data each and every day.

Each team member displays all four of our core values consistently: integrity, quality, commitment, and innovation.

We are proud to have over 50 team members equally dedicated to supporting our mission, vision and core values, but wanted to share a few with you.  Please take a moment to learn more about them!

From our family to yours, please have a safe and healthy Labor Day weekend.

Yours Truly,

Sara and Rich Stump

Directors, President, Owner

Celebrating our Team

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Semivolatiles Team – Erika Bechdel, Alyssa Deiss, and Tim Herbine

Erika, Alyssa and Tim are a part of our Organics Team and work together primarily in our Semivolatiles analysis area. All three have been with the company for less than 5 years but quickly rose through the ranks of Team Suburban by being a powerhouse of production. Their dedication to good quality data, and meeting dynamic customer needs makes these three an invaluable group. Personally, Erika and Alyssa enjoy spending time with their families and their dogs, and Tim enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and golfing.

Deb Hannum

Project Manager with STL for 2 years.
College and Degree: Vassar College, BA- History (will only under duress, admit the date!)
Please think of me as  the client’s advocate at the laboratory, striving to ensure, not only that  their sampling, analysis and technical  requirements are met, but that their Suburban experience is the best environmental laboratory experience they have had to date.
I enjoy working for STL because this lab is chock full of smart, passionate, confident and funny people- what better way to make the work day more enjoyable  than to surround yourself with such a mixture (chemistry terminology- pun intended!)
Outside of work:  Wife, mother, dog-owner!,  Oley Valley Community Library Board Member, Oley Township Municipal Authority Board Member , Girl Scout Leader, Friedens UCC Search Committee Member, Rare book and antique collector.

Lisa Care

Client Services Representative and PWS Coordinator, team member since 1986.
I submit all SDWA Data into the Drinking Water Electronic Reporting (DWELR) system for our Public Water Suppliers (PWS) to meet their DEP requirements and monitor any regulation updates. I also process all accounts receivables; statements, payments and process Client invoicing in our accounting system.
Over my years here at Suburban it has always been a pleasure to work with the Stump family and my teammates. I feel confident in our policies and services that provide an excellent experience for our customers and proud of the reputation we hold in the industry. We are always growing as a team and engaging in team events to support a special cause or just for fun.
Outside of work: My husband and I both cherish the opportunity for a tropical destination vacation. I find great satisfaction in gardening and I love spending time with my Labrador Retrievers, Molly and Sunny.

James Wylie

Field Technician Level III with STL for 1 year and 3 months.
College: West Chester University, Major Geology
I am a tier 3 field technician capable of performing sample collections, pickups, and composite sampling.
The thing I enjoy most about working for Suburban Testing Labs is being a part of an organization that helps to ensure the protection of people and their environment.
Outside of work: Some things I like to do outside of work include hiking, playing video games, watching movies, and 3-D printing.

Alex Hoffman

Easton WWTP Onsite Lab Analyst for 2 years.
College: Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; Degree in Environmental Science
Performs daily analysis on WWTP samples and result reporting.
I enjoy knowing that I am making a difference in the health of the environment by providing accurate and helpful information every day.
Outside of work: I enjoy spending time with friends and family, being at the beach, and a good glass of wine.


Jake Young

Analyst IV at Suburban for 5 years.
College: California University of PA – Bachelors in Chemistry, Minor in biology, concentration in Nanofabrication Manufacturing Technology
I assist in running ICP/ICPMS Analysis / Wet chem / general building operations / new instrument development.
I enjoy working at STL because no 2 days are ever the same.
Outside of work: I like to be active / outdoors when not acting as general handyman around the house

Derek Walker

Analyst I with STL for 90 days
College and Degree: Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Minor in Biology
I perform analyses and make media in the microbiology department.
I enjoy working with the intelligent people at STL who pull up my brain by its bootstraps every day. Of course, that I contribute to environmental welfare also satisfies me.
Personal Note: In my free time, I read, write and think, because the unexamined life is not worth living.


Thank you to all for your hard work and dedication every day!