It’s 2014, Go Electronic!

In this day and age, information must be at your fingertips, and this includes your lab results.  Are you aware of all the electronic tools Suburban Testing Labs has to offer?

KeyboardChain of Custody Form

Not only do we offer pre-filled chain of custody forms, but if you are in need of a blank chain of custody form they are available on our website as a PDF document you can edit.  Make copies, save to your hard drive, or use only once– it’s up to you!  Unsure what you need to request?  You can also attach a copy of our quotation to your chain of custody form as a reference.

Online Report Access

Anxious to see your results?  Looking for a misplaced report?  You can view your orders in progress, even before they are finished via our online report access system.  Contact your Project Manager for a username and password, and for access instructions.

Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs)

If you have a complex order and are sorting through hundreds of lines of data, a standard results report may not be for you.  Allow us to deliver you a custom EDD in .xls format so you can filter, sort and save results in the manner  you need.  We also have comprehensive data packages Contact your project manager or sales person for details.

Project Management Lab TestingTechnical Questions

Our laboratory leadership and quality team are here to help you understand your results.  Email us anytime at and your question will be directed to the right expert.  Still like to talk to a real person?  Feel free to call us for assistance at 1-800-433-6595.