Free Cyanide Analysis

FIA OIAAdding New Technology – We recently became the only lab in Pennsylvania accredited for Free Cyanide via method OIA – 1677, analysis by Flow Injection Analyzer, in both drinking water and non-potable water.

Out of the 4,305 labs registered to perform lab testing in PA, only 7 labs are accredited to perform free cyanide analysis; we are 1 of 2 labs using this cutting edge method.  But no other lab is doing both non-potable and drinking water as we are.

Adding this new technology illustrates STL’s commitment to developing cutting edge technology and supports their dedication to continued innovation in the lab industry.

Our new instrumentation measures available cyanide by a gas diffusion technique coupled with a high sensitivity amperometric detection system in accordance with USEPA method OIA-1677.  This technology reduces analysis time from hours to minutes by eliminating the labor intensive and manual distillation process.  Eliminating this distillation also increases the accuracy and reliability of the analysis, improving data quality.

Non-Potable Water

STL can perform Free Cyanide analysis on wastewater, groundwater, and other aqueous liquids via method OIA-1677-09.  The reporting limit is 0.005 mg/L or 5.0 parts per billion.

Drinking Water

In drinking water, 40 CFR 141.62 (b) regulates cyanide as free cyanide, this method OIA-1677-DW is approved for drinking water compliance monitoring for cyanide (40 CFR 141.23 (l)).  The maximum contaminant level (MCL) for the safe drinking water act is 0.2 mg/l.

Sample Containers, Preservation and Holding Times

The sample container used is a 500 ml plastic container with preservative.  Preservation depends on whether the sample  is chlorinated.  Non-chlorinated sites only need Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH).  If there is a presence of chlorine, or chlorine is used in the treatment process, preservation adds Sodium Arsenite (NaAsO2) in addition to NaOH.  Contact Us for sample containers and/or field preservation protocol for your project.

Once your sample is collected, the holding time for analysis is 14 days.


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