Data Quality Initatives in 2021

The Passionate Pursuit of Perfection

In a recent client survey, 60% of our respondents indicated that “defensible, trustworthy data quality” was the most important attribute they consider when choosing a lab.

One of our main goals is to deliver the best client experience by fostering an environment of continuous improvement. We do that by building a high-performance culture to fulfill our Purpose, Core Values, and Mission.
We’ve made significant investments in our Quality Department, prompting growth and expansion of the Quality Assurance Team. Additional team members dedicated to pursuing our Quality Initiatives continue to be added, and our team continues to grow in strength.

How do we ensure data quality?

Our Quality Team closely monitors data qualifier use, document control, training records, analyst performance, and perform internal audits. They also lead efforts in trend analysis, investigations, corrective actions, and preventative actions to ensure our processes’ consistent use.
Outside of our Quality Assurance Department, our entire team has a personal commitment to defensible data. We have instituted a rigorous process for thorough data review at multiple laboratory levels to ensure you can count on your results.
We have three levels of data review, providing important double-checks to ensure accuracy. Your Project Manager reviews your final report to ensure you get what you need as a final step before getting your deliverables.
Most importantly, our leadership culture constantly and consistently reinforces the importance of defensible accurate data.

The Future of Quality at Suburban Testing Labs

Our Quality Team’s 2021 Initiatives support the culture of high performance and getting things right the first time. In addition to routine day-to-day review tasks, they are developing new suites of training and analyzing data trends and conformance to initiate new actions.
Processes are always evolving so ongoing revisions to standard operating procedures to ensure compliance with our NELAP standards is also a high priority.
Our entire staff is focusing on key behaviors in 2021 that ultimately allow us to deliver the best client experience. Making quality personal, and doing what’s best for the client at every turn are just two important ways we can accomplish that goal.