Celebrate Independence Day with Us

PA American Flag Independent LabIndependence is awesome.  At Suburban Testing Labs, we appreciate our own independence as well.

As Americans, we recognize the July 4th holiday and the hard fought battle our forefathers waged to earn our freedom and independence

At Suburban Testing Labs, we also celebrate the freedom and independence that is rare in our industry.

Did you know that most other environmental testing labs are actually networks of internationally owned corporations, often run by investors?

At Suburban Testing Labs, we are privately owned and local, right here in your backyard. But, we are no small “mom and pop shop” either.  Our staff of nearly 60 employees work each day in our state-of-the-art 17,500 square foot laboratory, located in Reading, PA.

What is the advantage to working with a large but independent and locally-owned lab?

  • No corporate board or investment group dictating profits over client satisfaction.
  • You can talk with a real-person with whom you have a relationship, and trust.
  • Samples are run at our in-house lab. Our lab is not just a “service center” that takes your samples and ships them to another state.
  • There is not constant turnover, and you build relationships with your Suburban team.
  • Easy access to ownership, who live locally and are available nights and weekends for emergencies.
  • Investment in innovation and new instrumentation is made with ease and without needing board or investor approval.

If you haven’t yet worked with Suburban Testing Labs, let this Independence Day prompt you to not only celebrate our freedom as Americans, but also celebrate locally owned independent enterprises like us!