The Revised Total Coliform Rule 2016

RTCR Photo for Web 4The Revised Total Coliform Rule goes into effect April 1st of 2016 and Suburban Testing Labs is your resource to help sort through it all.  Our team of experts can guide you through the regulation changes, sampling siting plan creation and sample collection requirements.

There are two major changes all public water supplies should be aware of:

  1. All systems are required to submit sample siting plans prior to 4/1/16.  Sample siting plan templates and instructions are available on PADEP’s website.
  2. Some public water supplies will experience an increase in monitoring frequency requirements.
  3. Total Coliform detection(s) is no longer a Tier 1 violation.

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Learning Resources

Watch our video “The Revised Total Coliform Rule in 5 Minutes” to learn the basics of the regulation, and how we can help you!

PA-DEP Revised Total Coliform Rule Webpage

USEPA Revised Total Coliform Rule Regulation Webpage

PA-DEP You Tube Video on Sample Siting Plans (Form 1)