UCMR 3 – Are You Ready?

UCMR3 (Unregulated Contaminant Monitoring Rule 3)UCMR3 monitoring is in full swing, and we are ready for your samples!  The EPA program kicked-off in January of this year, but many public water suppliers haven’t even begun monitoring yet.  In fact, some will not even start until late 2014 or 2015.  We have been processing samples from the beginning and are your trusted resource for all UCMR3 monitoring information.

A successful UCMR3 project begins with proper planning, and our project managers are here to guide you through it all.  Be sure you know when your monitoring begins, and contact us a few months ahead to begin coordination.  If you are late in planning – no problem!  We can help you, too.  Our project management team will review your sampling requirements in detail to ensure we’ve got you covered.  We will coordinate the sampling, and ensure all is collected automatically according to your requirements.

If sampling is what you do best, we can supply you with sampling kits and even train you on the proper field sampling techniques.  Outside of our normal field technician coverage area?  Not a problem!  We can easily ship kits to you, and review the protocol via skype or conference call.

For more details on the UCMR3 program, visit our UCMR3 webpage then, give us a call to get set up.  We make switching easy!

Don’t delay!  Contact us today to get started with your monitoring.  Call 1-800-433-6595 or email info@suburbantestinglabs.com.