PA Chapter 252 Updates

Chapter 252 Updates 2017

The law that governs laboratory accreditation in Pennsylvania has been amended, and became effective on July 29, 2017 upon publication in the PA Bulletin.  The Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Regulations, Chapter 252, has a few major changes that are important to note, including:

  1. Increased Fees
  2. Laboratory Supervisor & Personnel Requirements
  3. Sample Collection SOP Requirement
  4. QC Requirements for Chemistry and Microbiology
  5. Checking all WETT and SDWA compliance samples for pH and Chlorine (when applicable)
  6. and many more.

According to PADEP, all onsite assessments conducted after July 29, 2017 will be according to this new version.

Our Laboratory Director and resident regulation expert, Rich Stump, will be delivering a webinar detailing what has changed to EPWPCOA members in the fall.  Dates have not yet been announced, but check their website periodically as fall approaches for sign up forms.

Suburban Testing Labs is a NELAP Accredited Lab that must also comply with PA’s Chapter 252 Regulations.  High quality, defensible data is the most essential part of our core values and we are committed to delivering lab testing results that are in compliance with regulations.

We are here to support you with any questions you may have about these regulations.  Take some time to read the regulations.  Then, email or call your sales team member, or project manager and we will direct you to the right person to answer your questions.  Have additional questions for PA DEP’s Lab accreditation team?  Email the Lab Accreditation Team at:

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