Our 2017 Holiday Benefit

Family Helping Family

Just a Few of the Suburban Family with the Collection for Puerto Rico

Each holiday season, Suburban Testing Labs picks a worthy cause to support and send donations.  This year, we decided to help one of our own.

Our Suburban Family filled boxes of gifts and basic necessities to send to an employee’s family living in Puerto Rico.  Larry is our Supply Chain Material Handler, and is beloved by everyone.  He works tirelessly each day, is wholeheartedly committed to his job, and has been a true asset to the company.  Larry has 29 family members there living in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria.

Last month, owners Rich and Sara Stump put a call out to employees to help Larry’s family in Puerto Rico.  In a letter to the staff, Ms. Stump shared:

After making small talk in the lunchroom with Larry recently, I learned his family in Puerto Rico is still very much struggling for basic needs.  For example, they are still without power, and running water.  They must walk each day to a location where a water truck distributes water, and they are only limited to one bucket per family, per day.  Children have not yet started school.

I asked Larry to reach out to his family and get a list of what they need, or would like for Christmas.  Thinking we might be able to send some “Christmas Spirit,” I was surprised to see the list instead come back with the most basic of essentials, such as feminine care products, flashlights, and batteries.  Here in Reading, we aren’t struggling for these basic needs, and we want to help! 

The team answered the call with an overwhelming response.  More than 100 items and gifts were donated, including many Wal-Mart gift cards that the family can use to purchase water and food.

“We are so impressed with the hearts and generosity of our Suburban Family.  I knew they would come through for Larry’s family, but they far exceeded my expectations.  I’m so proud to work with such amazing people,” said Ms. Stump.

Boxes will be shipped courtesy of Suburban Testing Labs to Larry’s family this week so they arrive in time for Christmas.

If you want to help, it’s not too late.  Email Sara Stump sstump@suburbantestinglabs.com to learn how you can support this effort.