On-Site Lab Operations

Do you have an on-site testing lab?  We can help you!

On-Site Lab OperationsSuburban Testing Labs is the authority on your environmental lab testing needs.  All types of industries turn to Suburban Testing Labs as an expert in environmental sample analysis, including publicly owned treatment facilities, engineering firms, contract operators, consulting firms, and various industries.  Trustworthy process control analysis at the wastewater treatment plant is essential in making treatment decisions.  We understand the critical nature of the data you are reviewing and strive to provide you with quality data you can count on as fast as possible.


We provide highly trained and skilled individuals to perform the routine analyses at your laboratory.  Need to do testing on additional samples?  Not a Lab Staffing and Supervisionproblem!  On-site staffing ensures that results are right at your fingertips.  Our on-site staff is dedicated to providing you with friendly customer service as well as commitment to quality.  If you do not have a needed testing capability on-site, we can quickly send samples to our headquarters.  Working with us as a trusted partner ensures we will handle all of your analytical needs.


We have laboratory supervisors and managers that are dedicated to your laboratory.  They routinely visit the facility to ensure the staff is meeting your needs, analysis is being performed in a timely fashion and that the facility is being run with the highest adherence to quality.

On-Site Accreditation

Don’t worry about another regulatory audit!  Our laboratory supervisors work closely with our QA manager to ensure that all Quality System requirements are met – QA Manual, Method SOPs, supporting SOPs, analytical bench sheets, Proficient Testing – we take care of it all, including scheduling of the On-site Assessment.  Our goal is to get your laboratory accredited as quickly as possible to make sure your operations continue to run smoothly.

Composite Sampler Maintenance

Composite Sampler MaintenanceTired of having your composite sampler not successfully complete a sampling event?  We can help with that, too!  Our experienced Field Technicians can come to your facility and provide on-site service including – sampler cleaning, changing sampler tubing, temperature calibration, volume calibration, desiccant charging.  Have a more serious problem?  We can bring it back to our facility for further diagnosis and repair.


Lab ConsultingIn addition to daily laboratory operations, our laboratory managers are able to provide QA Consulting services to assist you with method development, instrument purchases and onboarding, and laboratory accreditation compliance.  We can also audit your laboratory for efficiency opportunities to help save your organization money and time.

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