NEWSplash!: Introducing HealthGuard

Introducing HealthGuard

Introducing . . . HealthGuard The new, easy to use, water test from Suburban Water Testing Labs!

The quality of drinking water is increasingly becoming a serious concern for many families nationwide. A recent USGS survey found that 70% of wells were contaminated, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) recommends that everyone test for a minimum of coliform bacteria, nitrate and lead, even if you have public water.

Until now water testing has always been very complicated. It is and always has been Suburban Water Testing Labs goal to make it easy. There has never been an easier way to test your home drinking water than with a HealthGuard water test.

Safeguarding your drinking water with a HealthGuard water test begins with easy to read general information on the website ( and in a free brochure. When you are ready, you order the test;

The lab sends you the bottles and easy to use sampling instructions.
You take the samples and return them to the lab in the included overnight return shipping pack.
The lab analyzes the sample and sends you a report that clearly identifies the contaminants that were tested, the level in your water, the level that is considered safe by the USEPA, and whether your water passes or fails.
Your report will also contain a section called interpreting your results, which lists any contaminants that were detected, their potential health effects, the source, and what steps may need to be taken to correct the problem.

Which HealthGuard test is right for you? The HealthGuard 3 water test covers the USEPA’s minimum recommendations of coliform bacteria, nitrate and lead as well as 25 Carcinogenic Volatile Organic Compounds that are commonly found in water. This test is a good starting point for any concerned person. There are several other packages available.

In the complicated world of home HealthGuard water testing shines through as a simple way of protecting yourself and your family from dangerous contamination in your drinking water.

Why worry about the quality of your water? Water testing has never been simpler, order your HealthGuard water test today and rest easier tonight.