Lead and Copper Rule Analysis

Lead and Copper Sampling Tap This Rule is designed to protect the health of the public by reducing water corrosivity that causes harmful leaching of lead and copper from pipes and other plumbing.  Depending on your system size and historical results, you may have to collect anywhere between 1 and 25 samples during the monitoring period.

It is important that you begin planning soon!  Important planning steps include: reviewing your sampling plan and contacting us to discuss your sampling schedule.  Your project manager will place you on our monitoring schedule and arrange for you to receive your the sampling kits for your residents.

Contact us today to take care of your analysis for Lead and Copper Rule required sample collection and testing!

Required Documentation for PA

Below are important helpful documents for our PA public water suppliers:

Lead and Copper Cover Letter

Pages from Lead and Copper Sample Site Plan instructions

Suggested Directions For Home Owners With Site